Guiltea UK Premiere


Hello, friends and followers! We have been busy here at Wet Toe HQ, and have some amazing news to share! Guiltea will be playing Friday Night at the Ignite Film Festival located in Marlborough’s Parade Cinema. Tickets and schedule are now available here. Join us, and meet the Wet Toe Team, as well as being among the first to see Guiltea in all its glory, plus many other brilliant films!

New Project – Guil-Tea


It’s been exciting times at Wet Toe Productions recently, as we have spent the last two weeks working on our latest project, Guil-Tea. Utilising some local and independent talent, and featuring a very special guest star, we are sure this is going to be our funniest film yet! Follow the chattea Terrence Tealif, as he goes on an adventure to seek the perfect owner, letting absolutely nothing get in his way.

Something Big Coming Soon!!!


Hi all you lovely people! Even though the current pandemic has changed a lot for us all, we’ve somehow managed to find a way to keep on doing what we do best- having weird and wonderful ideas and bringing them to life. With winter on its way, we’ve sat down, gotten toasty and put our noggins to work.

We are working on something equally brilliant and exciting for all of us at Wet Toe Productions and can’t wait to share it with you.

Keep a look out for upcoming news on this top secret project that features Britain’s most prolific peeper, we’re sure his ears will be burning!

Big Announcement!


Good news everyone! 

We are absolutely delighted to announce that The Black Spot has been officially selected for this years London Lift off film festival! A big congrats and thank you to each and every person that helped to make The Black Spot happen. We hope you all enjoy watching it at the festival and look forward to hearing your response! 

Please consider us for audience choice if you do get the chance to attend, we’d love to keep bringing out independent films – it’s our passion.

The current list of Black Spot screenings are as follows:

London Lift Off Film Festival, World wide- 1-31st of December 2020 (online)

Film Noir Cinema, New York- 18th of December 2020