Casting Call! Exciting New Project On The Way

New Project

Hi! As you know, we’re responsible for weird and wonderful projects such as Toast, The Black Spot and Full Disclosure. Even though the world is a bit crazy and lots of things have come to a halt, this hasn’t stopped us coming up with new ideas. We have something big coming up and want to know if you want to be involved, featuring a well known friend of Wet Toe. 

We are currently casting for a new short comedy…at the moment this is unpaid but we will cover travel, food and you will be able to use this in your showreel. If we do secure funding which we are hoping to do, this may change, but be assured we do this for the love of film and want you to have as brilliant an experience as we do. These are all non speaking roles but are featured characters. We only require headshots and acting showreels as there are no lines, or just send us a video explaining why you think you’d be good for the role.

We require the following characters for filming in Swindon. This is likely to cover a weekend and at the moment we’re looking at filming in Early Autumn. 

  1. A father type- someone late thirties to late forties. You will be playing a standard middle class father. 
  2. A daughter- if you are over 18 and up with the latest trends, you could be perfect!
  3. A young woman– if you are early twenties and can pull off a stereotypical ‘chavvy look’ this could be your breakthrough!
  4. A nudist couple- this is implied and there will be no actual on screen nudity (underwear). If you are over forty and can pull off looking as normal as possible, you could be right for this role! Ideally if female we’d like it if you had long hair, but this can be worked around. 
  5. A hipster woman- we’re looking for someone who can pull off quirky so if you like to be different, this could be for you
  6. An older woman- this is for someone who is over fifty and can pull off an elegant look whilst being a bit prim and proper.  

If you would like to be part of our new project, please contact us by emailing

P.S our last comedy short is now an award winner!

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